The internet changes constantly, and I was thrilled to add new links to all our books on this site a few months ago, because they offered more options to browsers. You could preview a book or buy it with just one click and never leave the site. The only problem was the links all went to Amazon U.S., and many of our readers are in other countries. I had to put a disclaimer on the website to remind visitors we are in all Amazon stores. Which meant non-U.S. readers had to go searching on Amazon in their country to find our books.

Now just a few months later, a new app has come along that makes ‘smart links’ to Amazon. It will detect details of the visitor and bring up her country’s Amazon store or the proper marketplace for her device. One link serving a global audience. Of course, that meant going through the site and redoing everything, but this was such a great app, and it offers so much to our visitors, that I just had to do it. Plus, it cost me nothing. What more could heart desire?

So wherever you are and whatever device you are browsing on, the new smart links on Sixth Sense Books should make it easier for you to find out more about our books, to find them in the right store and to easily buy them if you wish. We welcome your feedback about how this new system is working for you. Just post your question or comment in the Comments section below. Thanks for being part of the Sixth Sense Books Community!


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