Us200sqSixth Sense Books is the imprint of Nigel and Maggie Percy of Sixth Sense Consulting, Inc. Maggie and Nigel both love writing and sharing their expertise via books. Their nonfiction books mostly deal with dowsing, a natural intuitive skill, and related subjects like healing and space clearing.

Nigel and Maggie met in the year 2000. At that time, they were separated by an ocean. By 2001, they were living in Arizona and had started their own consulting business. They specialize in using the intuitive skill dowsing and teaching it to students. Their favorite applications are health dowsing, space clearing and personal growth work.

Nigel & Maggie write both fiction and nonfiction. You may see information on their nonfiction books at the following author pages on Amazon: Maggie Percy; Nigel Percy.

Maggie writes fiction under the name Maggie McPhee. She will soon publish her first novel, “Autumn In The Desert”, and will follow that with a science fiction novel. Visit her fiction author site here.

Nigel writes fiction under the name Andrew Elgin. He specializes in science fiction with an intuitive flavor. Visit his fiction author site here.

The Sixth Sense Books site consists of information about nonfiction written by them, alone or together, using their real names.

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